Immunify AV

Bare Metal Preemptive Security

ImunifyAV helps you keep your websites free of malware.

Keeping malicious code out of your files is essential to protect your websites, be they based on PHP (such as WordPress, Magento, Joomla or Drupal), or built with classic, static HTML. ImunifyAV thoroughly sweeps files and accurately identifies malicious code, notifying you of any issues on your websites.

ImunifyAV has a highly efficient detection engine that finds most types of malware without stressing you or your system offered for Bare Metal servers running cPanel.


Malware Detection

Detect any type of malicious file, including backdoors, web-shells, viruses, hacker tools, ‘blackhat SEO’ scripts, phishing pages, and many others.

Malware Cleanup

If malware is detected, automatically remove it with one click. Advanced file deobfuscation techniques enable detection of encrypted malicious code embedded in files, over 97% of which can be cleaned automatically.

Management Control Panel

A user-friendly GUI lets you monitor and control the security and computing resources for all websites and users on a server.