Magento KubeGrid Servers

Magento KubeGrid Server Hosting

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Highly available, autoscaling on demand and built in enterprise DDOS with a commercial cloud killing specification on a bespoke platform.

KubeGrid servers are designed according to your project’s requirements. You can draw on the experience of our highly skilled technical architects to put together a solution that offers the highest levels of security, monitoring and availability backed by our first class SLA.

Building complex eCommerce hosting solutions is our business and we understand what is needed it todays market to keep your store in front of your competitors in terms of speed and availability. Our highly trained staff are fully able to architect solutions to meet the needs of mission critical Magento and other eCommerce sites that demand high availability and unrivalled performance.

We can engineer and manage any solution based upon your needs. All of your server infrastructure will be hosted in our carrier class data centre suites and will be fully supported by our dedicated support team familiar with your services.