Kube D-Fens Managed IPS

Managed Intrusion Prevention

Kube D-Fens IPS with real-time traffic analysis and packet logging

Grid D-Fens (IPS) detects and blocks known network attacks. It uses previously known signatures to detect these attacks. These signatures can be used to detect attacks originating from both external and internal sources. While an IDS (intrusion detection system) is limited to detecting and reporting on unusual activity inside the perimeter, Grid D-Fens (IPS) is also able to shield your network from hacking attempts by helping the firewall prevent attacks. This helps detect intruders and terminate their sessions before they start to do any damage, as well as prevent new intruders from entering.

Grid D-Fens scans your network traffic for malicious activity, this software is capable of performing real-time traffic analysis, packet logging on IP networks, protocol analysis, content searching/matching, is deployed to detect and block a variety of attacks.

Detection, Prevention and Blocking

24/7/365  network monitoring to identify and prevent suspect activity from suspicious sites administrators access to critical areas.

Real-time Traffic Analysis

Rapidly detect and patch system vulnerabilities with constant traffic analysis and breach prevention systems.

Packet Logging and Reporting

Traffic interceptor that will analyse all content passing on the network and in-depth reporting.

Content Search and Match

Finds suspicious network behaviour or an anomaly that can lead to an exploit using real-time alerts.