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KubeServers is a privately-owned company with over 25 Years of expertise in providing high performance e-commerce hosting. We own all of our infrastructure that powers our unique e-commerce platform – Kube.  Our CEO founded Simple Servers in 2007, prior to that he hosting sites for the like of the NHS, Intersport, Barclays Bank and BMW in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s. We have seen the hosting world change hugely since the late 90’s and look forward to being the vanguard for the next generation of web hosting solutions.

We have a passion and the technical background that we know can deliver industry breaking levels of speed and security backed up by peerless technical support. We know that your success is our success. Our new KubeGrid servers will auto scale on demand whilst remaining highly available 24/7.


Nick Powell


Nick started his first web hosting agency in 1997, working for blue chip clients in what was still a relatively new sector, he then powered though the dot com boom with several successful offerings. In 2007 he set up Simple Servers one of the leading Magento hosting companies in the UK.

KubeServers builds and reinforces on the basic foundations that have always driven Nick: Speed, Security and good old fashioned customer service. Nick brings peerless knowledge and a deep understanding of the hosting industry.


David Miller


After gaining vast amounts of knowledge whilst employed by a high street banking Group in Data Centre Management, David built up a rock solid foundation on how to construct, configure and maintain Tier 4 Data Centres.

David plays a key role in the strategic and ongoing development of KubeServers’s cutting edge Grid Server development, designing and implementing custom solutions for customers based around our dedicated eCommerce hosting platform.


Tracey Smith


Tracey, a Chartered Accountant, brings a wealth of experience to lead the KubeServers finance team, having previously fulfilled several roles in the private healthcare and hosting sectors.


Over 25 years hosting Experience, Magento hosting since 2008

Exclusive Platform

Choose Grid or Grid Pro, both peerless purpose built eCommerce hosting solutions

Here To stay

We are a cash rich privately owned business, with no financial liabilities. We own all of our equipment outright and is paid for with cash up front.

Truly Optimised

Other hosts claim to sell eCommerce ‘optimised’ hosting, there is a difference in making a landing page for every known application and being a true specialist. We consistently provide the fastest eCommerce & Magento hosting on all of our services on our industry leading Magento GStack architecture.

Expert Specialists

We truly specialise in eCommerce & Magento hosting and, and offer dedicated support teams for Magento and Woocommerce, our grid servers are optimised with our exclusive GridStack OS to run eCommerce applications that you need speed and enhanced security.

We Love Agencies

We only host e commerce sites, we are not involved in web design, Magento development or any other eCommerce platform development. We work with agencies daily to solve Magento, Woo-commerce and other eCommerce platform related issues.

Your Success Is Our Success

Let’s be honest, if your online business doesn’t benefit from the fasted, highly secured platform with the best support possible then it is not getting the foundation it needs to succeed and grow.